Tujunga bands take over the city

Sean Carnage and Jesse Horowitz have organized the first-ever Tujunga Music Fest at Pehrspace, featuring six of the greatest music projects this little no-name town has ever produced.

Tujunga is that netherworld in the northeastern end of Los Angeles that no one ever hears anything about and that no one ever bothers to go to. But out of the empty, mountainous suburbs of Tujunga has grown a teeming music scene of dissonant guitar skronk, forlorn yelps, clanking thuds, no-frills house shows, and a communal sense of self-sufficient DIY ethics.

These six are the best of the best: Dream BeingTujungaSnorlaxDiet Thrills ForemanSubmissions (feat. Bobb Bruno of Best Coast), and ParallaxScroll.

They are the zeniths of their self-made world.

Tujunga—the band and the city at Pehr this week.

Over the last few years Tujunga has been experiencing a sort of mini-renaissance with lots of local bands creating some of the most exhilarating sounds to come from the LA area in ages, and many outsiders coming into to Tujunga to play at its bustling house shows.

The crooning, reverb-soaked poetics of Dream Being, the minimalist garage-rock melancholia of Tujunga, the soulful layered grooves of Snorlax, the spiky post-punk hyper-rush of The Diet Thrills Foreman, the pristine mechanical duality of Submissions, and the ethereal electronic power-surge of ParallaxScroll.

To describe these diverse Tujunga artists would be not unlike describing the town itself: isolated, strange, mysterious, hardy, brimming with energy, ferociously independent, and sometimes downright transcendent and otherworldly.

It’s more than likely that nearly every member of these six bands will be wearing an article of clothing from SunThrift (a thrift store in Tujunga adored by the locals as though it were a sacred holy site). It’s a small town. These folks come from a simple place; a feeling of nowhere.

These are kids who record magnum opuses in their bedrooms and bash out post-punk death-jolts in their parents’ garages. They know LA isn’t coming to them. And so they’re doing it in their own world, on their own.
Historically, there’s never been anything cool about saying your band is from Tujunga. The first-ever Tujunga Music Fest is about to change that.

Don’t miss the show…

Bands and performers featured include: Dream Being, Tujunga, Snorlax, Diet Thrills Foreman, Submissions (feat. Bobb Bruno of Best Coast), & ParallaxScroll.

This will be like no show you have ever seen. Each band seamlessly blends into each other during this special program. There will also be a history report on Tujunga and wonderful projections of this great city!

Starts 9pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown RSVP

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