2 months + 22,000 visitors = 2 million thanks from Sean C.!

Excuse my math…I just wanted to say that the new SEANCARNAGE.COM is officially two months old, and I am one grateful man.

In case you missed the beginning of this story, this all started 60 days ago when I began updating the site every day.

Read the first month’s re-cap here

Amazingly, we hit 12,000 visitors within our first four weeks. (That was mainly due to this post.)

I’ve been in publishing awhile, so while I was appreciative the site hit that mark, I was skeptical about whether we would reach those heights again in month #2 (sequels are rarely as good as the original).

But somehow—miraculously—we did!

In the last 30 days, SEANCARNAGE.COM added two contributors—Geoff Geis and Joshua Ploeg—and their wisdom and great writing have greatly enriched things around here. I am SO proud to have published Geoff and Joshua. They are not just great musicians and performers, they’ve got some serious knowledge and they have already taught me so much about musics that I thought I knew everything about. Thanks, guys.

Read Geoff Geis’ Cochina coverage

Read Joshua Ploeg’s writing here

Chris Payne also devised a sweet looking logo for the site. Gracias, my friend.

This past week, SEANCARNAGE.COM had three of its biggest scores to date:

Like the exclusive Arab On Radar interview—their first since re-forming. Read it here!

Then there’s my latest video, HEAVY METAL FUNERAL:

It got picked up all over the place and cruised to 5,500 views in 7 days!

Watch all the SEANCARNAGE.COM exclusive videos here

We also scheduled our first party with Gay Beast, XBXRX, Sister Fucker, NASA Space Universe & more…I hope you can attend!

Info and RSVP links here

All of this would not be possible without the technical/design/spiritual support of Mikhai Tran.

Then there’s our sponsor, SLANTY SHANTY RECORDS.

Add SLANTY SHANTY on Facebook & show them you appreciate their support for underground music

As far as readers go—YOU ARE THE BEST! I have learned so much from you, too, and I am making some improvements that will allow for more event information, more interactivity and more inclusion of every genre of non-mainstream music across the board.

[One bummer: all these changes mean that I’m still struggling to catch up with booking, so please be patient.]

There are a lot of great things happening tonight and I hope you will support:

• Listen to Demolisten on KXLU.com 88.9 FM from 6-8pm this evening. Host Fred Kiko and I will be playing the best new independent music. Ghostporn will be performing live in the studio.

The “Vader Project” (featuring Darth Vader helmets customized by the world’s most outrageous artists) opens tonight

• Dunes (featuring our friend, Kate Hall) are releasing their debut 12″ EP—it’s gonna be a party!

Also this weekend:

• Walk 101 of L.A. public staircases as part of the Big Parade…I will be there tomorrow morning 8am

• Kelis & En Vogue are appearing at Weho Pride—meet me in front of the stage at 6pm Saturday!

This coming week: prepare yourself for a new video documentary and some incredible exclusive interviews.

We will also be visiting E3 with PRETTYCOOLLAND (aka Angie & Margot).

I hope you will stop back and keep reading/listening/supporting. L.A. is on fire with creativity and I’m gonna do my damnedest to document it.

In the meantime add SEANCARNAGE.COM on Facebook

Follow me on Twitter

Have a wonderful music & art packed weekend!

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