Okay—this was a fun event: Bradford Nordeen’s release party for his new book “Fever Pitch” about gay/pop culture icons at Peres Project gallery in Chinatown. There was entertainment, a reading by Brad, tons of Sangria, hot and weird gay dudes (and ladies), and a chance to buy the book for $12.

The first performer, Ayana, was just fabulous. She sang some Diana Ross songs, and was clad in a brand new sequined Catherine Malandrino dress (apparently, Ms. Ayana is employed at the soon-to-open Malandrino flagship store… you may remember Ms. Malandrino from her appearance on PROJECT RUNWAY… she is a tres chic French designer with a very sexy accent).

Bradford was also amazing—he read an essay about buying the Posh & Becks issue of W Magazine… Richmond had that issue, so I laughed pretty hard ‘cuz that hit pretty close to home. I dunno… it’s a gay thing.

Anyhow, the second lovely lady who performed was just that… and not much else. Performers shouldn’t attempt singing if they aren’t prepared to 100% go for it! Eck. To be fair, her reading of Brad’s Kylie Minogue timeline set to a Kylie Minogue song was respectable enough.

The crowd was pretty awesome—I spotted Rudy Bleu, new friend Dennis, old pal Tai from Scoops gelato shop, hung with new friend Mik (who works in my building on Wilshire, and whom I met not thru my usual Internet slutting around, but by, ya know, actually walking up and introducing myself… radical), talked to Mr. Nordeen, met some cool new queers I had never seen around L.A. before, and chugged large quantities of sangria. Woo! Wasted! Afterwards, I ate some great Chinese food with Mik and returned home, still buzzed and happy to step out of the rock/noise world for a night, and back into an art-faggy universe that I haven’t been in contact much since I went to Case Western Reserve and was an artists’ assistant in the early 1990s.

I was really impressed by the gallery. Peres Project reps my fave artist-of-the-moment, Terence Koh, and advertises in Butt Magazine, etc. (Javer Peres is cool, dontcha know).

There’s another great Peres Project opening coming up, and I will be there (hint: so should you…. let’s party!): Artist Dean Sameshima’s “Numbers II (Ode to Johnny Rio),” Opening reception on Saturday, September 6th, 6-9pm. Check out Sameshima’s work… looks rad, eh?

More reminders about this as the time gets closer.

Enjoy the photos!









“Fever Pitch” author Bradford Nordeen!!!