Submit your D.I.Y. events to CONCERTPAGE.ORG

It’s time once again for CONCERTPAGE—L.A.’s D.I.Y. show event publication and web calendar.

The new issue streets this Friday, January 7, 2011. The deadline to submit your info is TOMORROW, January 6 at 7pm.

Just go to CONCERTPAGE.ORG and enter your show info. Tomorrow, you will see your shows listed online.

On Friday you can pick up a printed copy at your favorite local venue (while supplies last).

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is still an experimental project and I apologize for any lag time in posting events over the holidays. This is as do-it-yourself as it gets. However, I have taken steps to ensure that your events will be updated each day from now on. (I’m a neophyte web developer and I am very grateful for your patience.)

And very soon you will be able to approve and publish your own events instantaneously. We will also be printing more copies—many more. That’s because we just got accepted for Kickstarter funding. So watch for more news about that!

Submit your events before 7pm, Thursday, January 6

Advertise with CONCERTPAGE and SEANCARNAGE.COM & get the word out to people who actually care about music!

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