My favorite Dark Bros. movies—it’s just so weird! Vanessa Del Rio is awesome. Amazon stuff if you are into that. What a badass.

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From the twisted minds of the DARK BROS. comes a 1986 VHS classic—now on DVD!

IMDB description:

The fictional biography of Vanessa del Rio as a Russian who slept with the USSR’s border officials to immigrate to the US for sexual freedom, which included a stint as door-to-door female sex toys’ salesperson.

Honestly, I think this is one of my favorite Dark Bros. movies. It is just so weird. Also Vanessa Del Rio is awesome—she’s funny while maintaining a rather imposing physical presence. Amazon stuff if you are into that. She’s a badass.

Starrring: Vanessa Del Rio, Lois Ayres, Liz Randall, Kari Fox, Erica Boyer, Krista Lane, Tom Byron, Steve Powers, more.

Director: Gregory Dark

I got this when I worked at VCA—the DVD has been played once!

BONUS: Includes VCA INTERACTIVE fold-out brochure. Just look at all those award-winning DVD- and CD-ROMS!

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