Listen: New Bob Bellerue music on WFMU this afternoon

The influence of artist Bob Bellerue on the contemporary L.A. music scene cannot be overstated. As a performer, Il Corral co-founder, promoter, record company executive, and MacIntosh expert, he pretty much inspired the underground we are currently enjoying here in Los Angeles.

Bob lives in NYC now, but he’s performing on the East Coast’s KXLU, WFMU-FM, this afternoon.

Later today, noise and sound artist Bob Bellerue is playing on Wm. Berger’s “My Castle of Quiet” radio program at 9pm EST.

That’s 6pm PST.

“My Castle of Quiet” is dedicated to “Horror movies, horror music, and the horrors of everyday life.” It’s broadcast by the world-renowned WFMU-FM out of East Orange, New Jersey.

Host Wm Berger says:

Electronic composer/improvisor/technician Bob Bellerue rolls out his newest face, that of Diablo, live on the “My Castle of Quiet” radio program. Bob’s been manipulating the sonic landscape for over 20 years, so it’s hard to say what Diablo will actually sound like.

Will it be the sheets of light-to-shattering laptop drone generated by Redglaer? The power feedback of Amplified Piano Duets, his collab with Jarrett Silberman? The amalgamated satchel of sound that are Bob’s ‘collabs’ with halfnormal? A combination of re-imagined/contact mic’d native instrumentation and found junk? None of the above?

Diablo is a masculine noun. It means Demonio, he-devil.

Bob has a pointy beard—just sayin’.

However the sonic cookie flambés, the brazier is hot, and Bob Bellerue as Diablo is not to be missed.

Listen to Bob Bellerue on WFMU now

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